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What really matters, a prompt:

What really matters is something more than a feeling. It’s a knowing that weighs in my stomach like a thud on the floor. It’s knowing that my body is moving, my mind is thinking, my faculties are being put to some use. That I am going somewhere even if I don’t know where that is…. Read More

Home within

Artwork by Lonesome Daughter. Feeling at home within myself. It’s not an easy task sometimes. Some days I would rather look inward with daggers rather than with quiet words and soothing thoughts. Some days I can’t summon the “speak to yourself as you would your good friend” strategy. Some days I wrestle and reckon with all… Read More

Wake up

wake up splash water on your face wash off the hushed, entangled dreams perfumed with nostalgia and old faces wake up try to wipe them away but don’t rub your skin, leave it tender, not raw wake up don’t put on clothes yet linger in this place between slumber and wakefulness savor the sweet sun… Read More

Looking from the outside in

Sometimes I can get in what I like to call “what are you doing with your life?” modes. It usually starts with my good old friend comparison. I see someone doing so many things. Maybe they are killing it at their job and juggling two or three side projects, maybe they are decorated with various awards and… Read More