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Thought bubbles: Travel before

Sometimes I wonder what it must have been like to travel before mass tourism. Before guidebooks, before the internet, before Trip Advisor, before data plans and SIM cards. Before globalization and the rapid spread of trends around the world. When discovering a place meant actually viewing and tasting and experiencing customs and cultures so radically… Read More

Travel Vignettes — Macau

If you’ve ever been to Portugal, Macau will feel strikingly familiar. A “de-facto” colony of Portugal’s since 1557 it was – surprisingly – only handed back over to China in 1999. So it’s no wonder that the similarities are uncanny when walking the cobbled stone streets, looking up at the colonial style architecture in the… Read More

Home on the road

Home when traveling takes many shapes. Sometimes it’s the room booked for three nights. Nondescript beige walls trimmed with thin chocolate molding. Green leaves blowing and bowing outside the window. Wifi that comes in and out. Air conditioning that can barely keep up with the heat pressing in from all around. A place to lay… Read More

Nostalgia, my funny friend

Nostalgia visits me sometimes, more often than many, I would venture to guess. When it comes, it weighs like a heavy cloud on my chest, moist and full of emotion, threatening to burst, in streams down my cheeks.   Living in the past. Head stuck in the clouds, some would call it.   And as I… Read More