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the things I cannot have the fantasies I indulge in like dipping into buttercream rich frosting coating thin skin thick with what ifs full with possibilities tantalizing fragrant yet destabilizing to my current reality mmmm but it’s so close I can taste it on my tongue I wonder if the taste would go away with time dulled to… Read More

That Hopeless Feeling

that hopeless feeling like when football is playing on tv in the middle of the day and sunshine filters through the windows at just the right angle making me regret being inside making me rethink my life what am I doing in here? where am I on my path? why is the country music playing in… Read More

Standing Rock Burning

Getty Images Sharing another piece from my writing class with the Writers Studio Amsterdam. The technique used in the poem was modeled off of Font by Linda Gregerson. The content was inspired by the heartbreaking events at Standing Rock this past week. /// Every year around Thanksgiving our schools would assign us to dress up as either… Read More

Failures of Kindness

George Saunders put it best when he said: “What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.” It’s something that springs to mind often for me — all the times I let my reticence or my unwillingness to get involved get in the way of the warmth and connection I know that lies within me, just… Read More

Inspiring Me Lately…

As much as I like to pride myself on being an active and motivated human, most of the time, I wind up being a complete and total homebody (not that the two are mutually exclusive persay..). I have a love-hate relationship with this truth. Because while a big part of me loves being social, going out, doing… Read More

This idea of purpose

It’s easy to let the days blend together. Each one washing in and out, each one erasing the last. Life becoming a diffuse sky of endless gray until you turn around and realize how far you are from the shore. How did I get here so fast? How far do I have left? It’s a… Read More