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Looking from the outside in

Sometimes I can get in what I like to call “what are you doing with your life?” modes. It usually starts with my good old friend comparison. I see someone doing so many things. Maybe they are killing it at their job and juggling two or three side projects, maybe they are decorated with various awards and… Read More

Finding forgiveness

the resentments are gathering like rust corroding all that is good and fine and I want to find forgiveness this almighty forgiveness that always seems so elusive   is it deep down inside me? something I simply must dig long enough to find unearthing layers of injustice and debris before finally striking gold   or is… Read More

On certainty

Certainty is the idea on my mind lately. I’ve been sitting with questions like: Can we ever be certain? Are some people simply more self-assured than others? Do we really “know when we know”? What do these things mean? When it comes to a relationship, a job, a place to live, there are scores of people who say,… Read More

Thought bubbles: the need to control

When I love something, I suffocate it. It’s not that I want to exactly, but just that I inevitably do. Like my cat who I want to squeeze until he pops into a million pieces. Like a baby that is so cute I feel an indescribable urge to eat it. It sounds maniacal, this feeling. But I think it’s a… Read More


the things I cannot have the fantasies I indulge in like dipping into buttercream rich frosting coating thin skin thick with what ifs full with possibilities tantalizing fragrant yet destabilizing to my current reality mmmm but it’s so close I can taste it on my tongue I wonder if the taste would go away with time dulled to… Read More