About Me

elizabeth-sensky-writer-amsterdam-amsterdam-bloggers-poetry-writing_croppedWelcome! My name is Elizabeth, and I’m happy you made it here. This is my online home — a place to display my personal work and channel my thoughts.

So who am I and what do I do?

Ah, the million dollar questions..Well, I’m a woman, a writer, a baker, a yoga-doer, a podcast enthusiast, a cat “mother”, a feminist..the list of identifiers goes on. But, in terms of how the bills get paid, I’m a communications consultant currently based in Amsterdam. That basically means I write, think about and manage content for a living. I do this for a wide range of companies and entrepreneurs. And I also write here. It’s what nourishes me deep down and propels me forward.

And the why?

I am driven by a basic desire to help people – and their brands -present and express themselves well. This probably stems from my lifelong passion and four years of education in fashion. Whether it’s through an outfit or the words on a website, the way we show ourselves to the world holds power. Power to connect people, to telegraph an idea, to create a bit of magic in the commonplace. And there is nothing I love more than helping people access that power in a way that is both elegant and meaningful.

Getting to that place of power isn’t easy, especially through the notoriously fallible medium I deal in: words. It requires a difficult but rewarding process of searching and gathering, spilling the main ideas down on paper and sifting those unwieldy ideas down, little by little, until all of the words blend finely together to reveal the truth of the thing. Because that truth is what it’s all about. That truth, once exposed, infuses something good into the world where previously there was nothing. It’s what makes people feel a bit more understood and at ease in themselves. It’s what inspires people to change or do something different. It’s what makes us feel whole. So that’s what I strive to do here and in all of my work: to reach that deeply personal yet widely universal place through language, visuals and that intangible element that materializes when everything falls together to lift us up.