Quick Ruminations: On Stuck Days

Does a day ever feel doomed to you? You wake up heavy, sludge through the tasks, can’t seem to get any work done and top it off by dropping your bike key into a canal. Oh wait, maybe I am just talking about myself..sometimes it feels like there is an atmosphere clinging to you, one not… Read More

Sewing Light to the Ugly

We only show the perfect moments, sealing the darker cousins behind closed lids, only to seep out the corners in spurts and fits and only to the ones we know won’t run away. It makes sense. No one wants too much to soon, or even one more drop of unpleasant information settling into the reservoir. We want to beautify what… Read More

Following your thread

I remember when the idea of traveling the world seemed so intangible, so far away, that it was a fantasy I believed only touchable by the truly brave and brazen. I remember how hearing stories of other people’s world trips, whether it was from someone I met at a party or on the countless travel blogs I… Read More

On beauty

| Photo by Mario Ashkar Film | Don’t worry; it’s your imperfections that make you beautiful. Those things that make you stand a bit longer before the mirror, in an attempt to primp them away. Those things that you are first to call out in a photo, just glaring back at you as you wish them… Read More