Thought bubbles: A good story

A good story can make you cry. Not just cry, but cry on the tram, on your daily commute. It may start as a subtle build-up, one you feel coming and you’re okay with, ready for even. Or it may come on quickly, perking you up like a static shock. One moment, you are surrounded by other people… Read More

Words for living, words for the lost

Why is it that at that exact moment when you are feeling particularly directionless and aimless in your life, everything you read, see and hear are stories about other people taking the plunge, feeling inspired, driven to accomplish a goal they set their laser-focused sights on? Do we just not have enough media out there that documents… Read More

Anywhere but here, everywhere is here

Lost You are lost, the screen reads the words, clear as day, staring back at me in neutral black letters, letters neatly secluded in their little green bubble. A truth for the ages it seems A truth so true it goes right for the gut and makes my hands flail in midair in protest No no no no no You… Read More