Fall: warmth meeting cold

A window open to the smell of leaves burning in candied tempo. Unbottled air that’s been biting at the sky for its turn to unfurl in crispy drier sheets on the bricked buildings holding people steady in their homes. Static against skin, the air meets the warmth of the heater below the window busy chugging the first drafts of warmth through… Read More

Lighting old sparks

Sometimes you become detached from ideas, passions and interests with which you were once enthralled, obsessed and consumed by. It could be that you find new ideas that are much more accurate and expansive, and they rightly foist out your ill-guided assumptions and notions. Or it could be that your interests shift — what was once… Read More

Hunting for the joy that once was

When was the last time you felt a moment of total elation? Feet off the ground, body weightless elation. Free of self-consciousness, free of worry, free of the impending burden of tomorrow. Has it been awhile? A recent computer clean-out brought me to a trip down memory lane. Suddenly, I was knee deep in photos,… Read More