Waiting out the blahs

Photo by Alyssa Deering Life is streaming on by and what do I have to show for it? Words that appear in my head as I try to sleep: a foggy imprint on glass. Every so often a gap in the folds appear, and I realize how much time has gone by and how cliches… Read More


Heart so full with tingles that simmer in my cells and remind my heart of the thrill of what could be. Moon to my left Golden light awash to my right. The Beauty and magic of it all overhwelms settling over me like a cloak I’ve known before. Mmm these delicious reminders of this thing… Read More

Aren’t we over this yet?

That cringing feeling inflames your body. Flushing through you, all the thoughts come rushing. oooh why did I say that? that was so strange. maybe she took offense I hope it didn’t come off that way. they can see through me- to all of my insecurities. A never-ending litany of worries boiling down to that one… Read More

Swallowing it down

And then that song starts playing in the coffee shop. The slogging tasks of work ahead suddenly fade. The light streaming in the windows reminds me of the artist’s name; “Atmosphere.” I’m transported back to those warm fuzzy days. The days where there was me and you and the beginnings of feelings we hadn’t yet… Read More